About Denise

Lives and workes in Amsterdam.

The art work of Denise Rosenboom is driven by unrest and the fear of dreams unfulfilled. Rosenboom creates 2-dimensional work, using various materials, mostly using techniques from the graphic arts.
Denise Rosenboom’s work expresses a myriad of themes, scenes and images: being chased by bears; running through the woods in high heels holding a leaking penis; wandering through Japanese clinics via portholes and mazes; drinking wine with a Satyr; singing with Jan van Eijck’s angels; fighting alongside Knight Floris; speaking the language of mosquitos; and being a dancer in Carnivale’s traveling fairground. Recently someone addressed her: “You must have a complex brainwork, or are you on medication?”
Denise Rosenboom draws inspiration from the Flemish Primitives, from artists such as Kienholz, de Bruyckere and Cattelan, and from philospical works by Sartre and Safranski, amongst others. The artist presents a short text by French painter and poet Francis Picabia, which captures the spirit of her art work:
“There is that rare species of bird, that never sits down, the female drops her eggs high up in the sky, and the hatchlings emerge before the eggs have time to reach the ground.”
Graduated at the Rietveld Academy, Fine Art Department 2006
Royal Academy of art, The Hague 2003-2004